FC3614 / FC2410

Glass automatic storage racks


Machine feature

 1. the product adopts high quality steel welding. The structure is compact and firm. It takes up small occupation and has strong storage ability.

2.The product adopts computer control, workers can control the coming and out of single glass storage racks from the control centre. It is very convenient for different size glass storage. The movement of the storage rack is smooth and stable to reduce the damage possibility of the glass. increased the working efficiency.

3.Single glass storage rack takes an area of 2m². Traditional a rack takes 10m² area. The new design tremendously saves storage spaces for factory.                    

Technical parameter

Nos. of storage rack
10-14 rack (receipt customization)
Speed of rack moving
Max. Glass size for storage
Total glass thickness per storage rack
Total power
Non-working dimension
5030×6500×3380 (15 racks)